Enterprisingly Divergent: Enterprise Support for neurodivergent people

A high percentage of people on the neurally divergent spectrum have found that the most rewarding and in some cases safest form of employment, is working for themselves.


It may be because they are creative and need an outlet or because they have experienced difficulty fitting into a ‘normal’ job.


At Hare & Moon CIC we appreciate that creating your own business is difficult at the best of times and getting help to get your idea off the ground can seem daunting.


This may be because very few generalist business advisors understand or appreciate neurally divergent conditions and the barriers that these conditions can present.


We are different, we understand the challenges that you face and have a programme that can be tailored to your needs, give you the best chance to explore your business idea, and make it a reality.


We will help with;

  • Preparing for enterprise
  • Setting your business purpose and goals
  • Identifying your customers
  • Refining your product or service to make it marketable
  • Creating a brand
  • Making a marketing strategy for your business
  • Managing the money
  • Risk management
  • Understanding the laws that affect your business
  • Creating administrative systems that will help you manage your business

Sessions can provided online and on  a 1-2-1 basis if that is your preference. We can also do group work if the participants want it.


We work at your pace and we will spend time getting to know your preferences and triggers so as to maximise the quality of your experience.


If you want to know more then please contact us here.